Studio Portrait: Nate Brown / by Morgan Lieberman

Hey everyone! Here are my two portraits of Nate Brown, unedited. My first portrait that is a single flash portrait, I jumped into without any idea of how I was going to set up the lights. The second one I wanted to focus more heavily on because I knew with a multi flash setup, the lighting could be extremely successful or too overexposed. I opted to create a look like Martin Schoeller. The beauty dish was put above two soft boxes and Nate looked directly in the camera almost at eye level, giving an intimate feel because of how close he was to the lights and to the photographer, aka me! The first portrait was a simple straightforward shot as well, but a wider composition. I learned that if sync speeds do not match up on both the meter and the camera, you will get a terrible result of a black bar across your photo. I am looking to be more adventurous with the composition of subjects and if I could more successfully light environmental portraits, I will be very pleased! I am posting the edited versions as well, where I used VSCO filters to change the colors. Take a look!