Columbia Public Service / by Morgan Lieberman

For my Fundamentals of Photojournalism class, I was responsible for going out into Columbia and photographing ten individuals. Unfortunately, with the high volume of students roaming the streets with their cameras, I knew that a theme would help get more versatile portraits and a more in depth response from each subject. I chose the public service sector as my theme because I have always admired the careers of librarians, police officers, firefighters, teachers, etc. and wanted to peer into their daily lives through the lens. All nine subjects that I was able to photograph had such an accommodating and generous nature to themselves, something that is reflected in their passion towards people. Public service jobs are extremely important to this country and I truly enjoyed the new perspectives I gained from each Columbia employee. (Most of these portraits are focused on the upper half of the body and are in black and white because those were the requirements of the assignment.)