Multiple Flash Assignment: Club Swim / by Morgan Lieberman

I really enjoyed this assignment because I was able to shoot a sport I have never captured before. Monique and I went to a Club Swim practice and photographed Claire Schlimm, along with her other teammates during their last training session before Thanksgiving break. We used a Nikon SU 800, a "Pocket Wizard" type device that automatically synced the two SB 910's that were remote. It was a really easy setup, especially with everything hooking up properly, and we decided that them being on the outside lane worked best with our flashes. My favorite select is the photo of them racing towards the end of the pool during warm ups and how symmetrical they are with their arm movements. Monique held on flash above their heads on the right side of me and then the other flash was about 10 feet away on the side of the pool lane. Each one was at 1/4 or 1/8 power because the venue was already well lit. I think this was successful, even though it wasn't peak action. It is a unique angle of athletes and I like that I can see the bottom of the pool!