Fill/Balancing / by Morgan Lieberman

This project was really difficult for me because I did not have a ton of time to complete it and I had complications with my flash. I liked the photos I took at the Chapel, even though they were not necessarily in the criteria of "fill" and "balancing" and unfortunately became the key light for the scene. I put my camera on Command Mode, turned down my on camera flash to the very least level of power, and then used my off camera flash on lower power as well. For the first photo, I held the flash above my head and out towards the left to point down to Paul, whereas the second photo, I put it underneath the bench so that the light would disperse towards the subject that left a dramatic looking shadow behind him and he successfully was illuminated. In the future, I would like to practice this for a much longer length of time and also be able to utilize harsher lighting conditions to really challenge myself.