Glass Assignment: Mason Jar / by Morgan Lieberman

This assignment was such a blast! I really enjoy working with animals/creatures of any kind, so it gave me an extra challenge where normally a human would be sitting in front of me. By utilizing a fish and also the fish snack food, I could be conceptual, creative, and minimalist simultaneously. I backlight the mason jar and also turned on a strobe that went underneath the backdrop to shine through and give a sense of transparency. There were no lights in front because it would cause heavy reflection or shine, so using a back strobe was the most effective way to document glass properly. Check it out! 

Caption for photo:

"This photo has a double meaning for the word "Goldfish." It is referring to the live creature in the Mason jar, as well as the snack food surrounding it. Normally, a jar holds items that can be preserved for long amounts of time that also are not alive. Maybe this photo is a metaphor for the stress we feel in college, feeling kind of trapped and enclosed in small spaces, especially during senior year when the real world is rapidly approaching. It is up for interpretation!"